What to Do With a Day?

I found myself with a few extra hours in my morning today, as my boss decided he wanted a few extra hours of sleep. I did not have the computer that i am writing my book on, so I pulled out my recently neglected guitar and polished up three songs. There is a open mike in Great Barrington tonight and I realized I am ready. I have been doing the work I play now these three songs the same way each time. I have been recently playing more and more for friends. I am finally over the fear of failing or making a mistake.
I have not felt well the last few days and to spite several people wanting my company last night I simply turned off my phone and went to bed. I needed rest. I needed time to reenergize myself. I am not still one hundred percent today but maybe tonight I will go out again and play for a time again in a real venue; for strangers who will judge my lyrics style and technique. If I make a mistake I will play through it more than likely I will be the only one who knows I missed a note.
I might also just rest again tonight. What do you think I should do with my day? What are you doing with yours?


3 thoughts on “What to Do With a Day?

  1. I would most likely decide later on how you are feeling. That being said, life is short and if you can do it without compromising your health, then go sing and play :)!!! My day is going to entail trying to not let the churning waters of late distract or sideline me! When it rains it pours it seems but I am a survivor as I know you are too! In case you haven’t noticed I deactivated my FB. I needed to cut ties on there with some family members and that was the easiest way to proceed. Hope you feel better very soon!!!

    • I had not noticed Mary. I am sorry for that. I have not had a lot of time for Face Book the last week but maybe you are throwing the baby out with the bath water when you can simply block those who you wish not to interact with. It gets the point across with out you giving up every one else.

  2. Yes, I know I could block but honestly FB was on my nerves. Needed a break from it in general. Every time I would try to consolidate and delete those I didn’t interact with or even consider a friend, they would request me again!!! If I ever do reactivate, I would do a massive clean up!

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