And I Played

I have played a song here or there in the last few months with various bands backing me up. Last night however I was alone on a stage with at least forty pairs of eyes looking at me wondering if I would be any good at all. I will say based on reaction applause and the fact I was asked to play again tonight in another place I was not only not bad I was actually good. Today is a good day.

How I did this was by changing my life in, so many ways, embracing the possibilities and practicing till it hurt. I kept it up while still perusing this blog and getting out of gate writing my book.
With effort and fortitude we can all achieve a dream.
Are you reaching for your dreams or just wishing they come true? To get what you want you must do the work!
I like it in the lights and the high of a room of applause is better than any drug.
Are you doing the work or just wishing your dreams come true?


4 thoughts on “And I Played

  1. nice post…

    im in exactly the same position as you, im a hiphop artist and i’ve been performing solo and with other people for years, the rush of a good show going off is amazing… better than crack x meth x bath salts lol…

    I have been couped up in my studio all summer, i need to get back on the show scene, and hopefully this blog may have pushed me to do so, for now though im going back to my keyboard to put some of this inspiration into instrumental form

    do you have material online? point me in the right direction an ill check it out

    also .. you should do the same .. .. you never know we might have just started a little piece of history right here

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