High Heels, Hose and Coffee

It seems lately I am only posting once a week. I also seem to have a tooth brush on my bathroom sink that is not mine, it is next to mine though. I suppose this is the indicator that I am in a relationship. Yes, a tooth brush, some thing we all have, a thing we use a few times a day can have so much meaning. What carries even more meaning is smile on my face and the fact that it seems to stay there.
New relationships are wonderful and this one more so than others in my past because it seems we just fit so well together. Not just physically, but our personalities just seem to meld together, just as our bodies do. I find that we each seem to know what the other is thinking and feeling and pleasing each other is important to both of us. Some times it is small things that mean so much. The beautiful dress, hose, and heels worn not for a huge event but just to look nice for ones partner. It’s coffee in bed on a Saturday morning it’s having that connection with some one; deep conversations and laughter at funny moments. I suppose that most of us have showered with a new lover before, but it’s the first time I ever had to say as she stepped under the water “aren’t you taking your bra off?” Yes; we laugh together a lot. It’s the small things that make life so wonderful.


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